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New Year’s Resolutions are often those scarily (somewhat) unrealistic goals we promise ourselves we will make…

‘I will start working on that bikini body now…’

‘I will go from couch to marathon in five days…’

‘I will keep my email inbox tidy…’

We’ve - sadly - heard it all before and if you’re attempting any of the above…best of luck to you!

On the upside, we've thought of a number of alternative resolutions that you can definitely keep. Perhaps not as challenging, but just as rewarding, here are our top five New Year's resolutions:

1 Be nice to my bed

There’s nothing better than coming home to a fresh bed that feels like home. Boeboes can help you on your mission. To help you with this, we supply British feather filled cushions, giving you that perfect plumpness you didn’t even know you needed. From square to oblong, piped to fringe, patterned to plain, we’ve got you covered.

2 Be nice to my bedroom

New Year (although just a change of date) often feels like so much more. It is a time to reassess and plan ahead. Are you an ‘on-the-toilet’ thinker, an ‘in-the-shower’ thinker, or a ‘just-as-I’m-trying-to-fall-asleep’ thinker? At Boeboes, we’re bed thinkers.

So, we put a special emphasis on making sure our bedrooms and beds are stylish, relaxing spaces, and if you feel like your bedroom needs a change, we help you out. Perhaps by adding a luxurious new valance or a comfy bolster, or by installing a Boeboes Roman blind may be the perfect place to start!

3 Be nice to my dog

Perhaps you agreed with your partner that you wouldn't let the dog sleep in your bed anymore? Through good days and bad, our dogs are always there for us so they still deserve the comfort that we allow ourselves. Treat them to a new luxury dog bed - your dog will be happy, your partner will be happy, you’ll have more room in the bed……what’s not to love?

4 Be nice to myself

2021 was pretty tough for some of us, so it’s time to treat yourself like the person you love. Self care days at home are best when you’re surrounded by comfort and cozy things and a Boeboes cushion is a great start.

5 Be nice to a friend

You never know what good deed you’ll get in return…after all, what goes around comes around and at Boeboes, we really believe in this. That’s why when a friend signs up to our newsletter, they’ll get a 10 % discount!


Regardless of your New Year’s resolutions, we wish you all a very happy and peaceful 2022.

The Boeboes Team x

At Boeboes, we’re more than Luxury Cushions, Roman Blinds, Bed Valance and Luxury Dog Bed Makers, we’re complete home makers. A Boeboes home is the space you love to go to and the place where you dream to be. Founded by sisters Olivia & Francesca Johns and inspired by their love of a cosy warm home on a wild and windy winters night on the Welsh coast, Boeboes is a brand inspired by comfort and cosiness, and takes great pride in being ‘Made in Great Britain’.

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